Just-Look Network

Gaming / Management / Development

JLN is an project build up by people that like to play games, develop, design and do all kinds of things together. We have different modules that represent a specific section like gaming or development. We strive to be open to anyone who has fun developing a healthy community in these sections and wants to work together.

Feel free to join us on our journey and be part of JLN.

Accessible to everyone

We strive to be accessible to everyone. In gaming, development,...and everything else we do.

About us

Where we come from, where we want to go.

Long, Long time ago...

We started as a small group of people that liked to play games together. We formed a gaming community, called it Just-Look and started ramping up our own gameservers. After we developed our own Arma 3 - RP Server we began to experience a huge growth in member count. But gaming was not all these people were interested in, more an more began to show interest in development, design and event management.

That's where the network comes in. We changed our "only gaming" mentality and opened up different modules like development. Shortly after we started the roleplay module for our own GTA roleplay project as well as Prime (still a mystery what's going on with that).

We aim to get more people that are interested in these kind of things and bring them together.

Step by Step


Different sections within the network.