Use our Control Panel to manage your gameservers!


Welcome to the world of Just-Look.

We will provide you a Control Panel used to manage your own gameservers on your dedicated machine.


A server control panel from the Just-Look Community.

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Product Overview

We are creating a Control Panel made for gamers. You will be able to manage your gameservers on your dedicated server.

Dont waste time managing your servers anymore.
Use Just-Control!

Our Features

We are currently in an early phase of the Control Panel


You are able to install new gameservers on your dedicated server

Auto Update

Our Control Panel keeps your gameservers always up to date.

Scheduled Tasks

You can add scheduled tasks to your gameservers.

User Control

You are able to add any number of accounts to a gameserver.

Shared Banlist

Our Control Panel provides a shared banlist for all gameservers.

Realtime Monitor

Monitor your Dedicated Server and the gameservers running on them in realtime.


You are able to Customize the Control Panel to your needs.

Easy to Modify

Our Control Panel allows you to easily modify your gameservers.